Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hillary, Mitt & Rudy Bow Out...

Or at least the TeleTubby front runners should consider quitting the Iowa caucus as a native son enters the 2008 Race

It's a proud day in Iowa aviation politics. Thursday. Let that sink in, because pride goeth before the belly flop, which is the sound of Brent Taylor taking the plunge into national politics. Yes, the Antique Airplane Association's own Brent Taylor (seen at right in Air Force One) has announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Yeah, who hasn't these days? His complete announcement, including campaign promises and denials, can he accessed at: For those of you unfamiliar with Iowa politics, it works like this: First, you find a large hog, get a tube of, wait that's how we pick winners at the State Fair. Picking a president, though, ain't far off. Politically speaking, Iowa is the king maker (note we haven't said queen maker yet as some candidate think she's too good to campaign here--no names mentioned). Iowa chooses who gets to run. The rest of the nation shuffles through the process of voting for whomever we select in caucus, and since no one really knows what a caucus is, we pick some winners, don't we? (That's a quiz question. You have 30 minutes to write a reply and post in the Comments section, where you can also declare your candidacy, challenging Taylor's front-runner status). Meanwhile, for extra credit go to the nomination link: There, you'll meet the newest Blog Party candidate for President of these here, and those there, United States of America (except New Jersey. We couldn't afford to buy those votes, but we do have a lease with option should Brent's campaign take off.) Reality Check: Now, I can hear the skeptics asking, "Isn't it kinda late to be starting a presidential run, what with only 17 months left to election day? To which the Blog Party says, "Late? Hell, in 17 months we'll have spent all the campaign money and impeached the rascal!" So, feel the pain and do the right, delay that--do what's good for the party (which will be held in the Pilot's Pub on 9/29/07). Go to: to support Brent Taylor's bid to become the next.....blah, blah, blah.... (applause, applause, release the balloons and pumpkins). Vote early, vote Blog. Bail bonds available. Thank you. Bar's open! --Paul Berge, Blog Party Host "Party Like It's 2008 and with the Blog Party in the White House, the hangover will be worth it..."

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Blog Party's Campaign 2008 ©

Tired of Blue or Red States? Rep or Dem? Us v. Them? Paper or Plastic? Well, time to nominate the next President of the United States from the list of questionably qualified candidates available through the Blog Party ©.

Yes, that means anyone, including you, can announce a candidacy absolutely free.
It's so easy anyone--except those already running under the Democratic or Republican banners--can do it.

Simply click on the link to the left, or cut 'n paste this address:
Announce your candidacy and await the influx of campaign contributions.

Your Blog Party Host,

Paul Berge, reminding you to party like it's 2008