Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Taylor Announces Candidacy

Readers may have noticed that the Blog Party News Network (BPNN) has been off the air since April. The reason is simple. We lost our password. Now that we have it back, we can report that The Clintons, LLC have agreed to leave the presidential race provided we pay them $10 million. "Cheap at half the price," BPNN comptroller, Edmond D. Feader said as he wrote the check after downing a fifth of Gentleman Jack. "Anything to get them off the front page." That's when BPNN--like conservative talk show host and draft dodger, Surge Windbag--discovered that without The Clintons, LLC we go nuthin'. Thankfully, a new candidate has tossed his hat--or flying helmet--into the ring.
Richard L. Taylor (yeah, that Richard L. Taylor) has announced that he is the man to lead this country into the sunny uplands. We like him because he's a pilot, but non-pilots may like Taylor for more earthly reasons. To judge for yourself go to:
Send us your opinions about Mr. Taylor, and if they agree with ours, we'll post them. Until then, consider this a complete endorsement by BPNN and The Iowa House Of Politics (IHOP) of Richard L. Taylor for President of the United States of America.
Dateline: Columbus, OH, Artie Azetti, editor-on-the-lam, BPNN
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