Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barrage Obama

Continues to Pound The Clintons' Camp
Side-by-side, bloodied but unaware, on stage after yet two more primary defeats calculated to throw their opponent off guard, The Clintons, LLC (TM) released a joint statement: “This is the choice we face: One of us is ready to be commander in chief in a dangerous world,” Clinton #2 said. “One of us has faced serious Republican opposition in the past," Clinton #1 picked up. Then, in unison they concluded: "— and one of us is ready to do it again.” *
It's now up to the voters in Texas and Ohio--possibly Pennsylvania--to decide which Clinton is ready. The crowd cheered on cue as The Clintons, LLC (TM) latest campaign theme song, "Do It To You One More Time" by the Captain and/or Taneal, blared over the PA system while The Clintons, LLC (TM) campaign manager, Howie Mandel, tazed the crowd into a frenzied stupor before the candidates once again boarded the candidates' Spare Change mother ship in their never-ending quest for the co-leads in Fox/TV's newest reality series, White House! ©
*actual quotes taken way out of context
dateline: Brewpub, Wi., Artie Azzetti, editor-on-the-lam,
Blog Party News Network (BPNN) ©, all rights reordered.

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